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How Far is Your Toothbrush from Your Toilet?

cleancare toothbrush helps to protect against germs and bacteriaChances are.... not very far. We drink bottled water and use air filters to protect ourselves and our families, yet we store something that we put in our mouths multiple times daily, within a few feet from our toilets. CleanCare Toothbrush is the answer: a patented new kind of toothbrush that helps protect against the spread of germs.
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Why CleanCare is Better:

  • PATENTED DESIGN helps protect bristles from exposure to bathroom germs and common flu viruses
  • SPECIALLY-DESIGNED HOLES in the cap allow moisture to escape, making an unfriendly environment for bacteria and germs
  • BUILT-IN COVER stores inside the toothbrush, making travel and everyday use simple and easy!

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