Germ consciousness is at an all time high. Approximately 4 billion each year is spent on anti-bacterial soaps and wipes alone. Pharmacies and most every national retailer has devoted considerable shelf space to the ever-increasing demand for antibacterial products to satiate the American consumer's mindfulness of germs. It is now more important than ever to keep your product offerings both current and as wide as possible to fulfill the consumer's ever-evolving need for these items.

Why Carry Cleancare Toothbrushes in your Retail Establishment?

  • Complements existing lines of anti-bacterial products you already carry

  • Offers consumers an effective alternative to traditional toothbrushes which can easily collect bathroom bacteria

  • Enhances your travel care line of traditional brushes with non-ventilated covers

  • Has an advantage over traditional travel toothbrushes because the cover is permanently attached and folds in on itself

  • Adds another high-use, repeat purchase item to your current inventory

clean care toothbrushes fit alongside your other anti-bacterial products such as wipes, soaps and hand gels

Did You Know?

Each time that you flush the toilet, the fine water sprays as high and wide as 12 to 15 feet. The bacteria and germs then fall on the surfaces of the bathroom including your toothbrushes where they can live for long periods of time. In one week your toothbrush can accumulate thousands of bacteria. In just three months time, your toothbrush can accumulate just as many germs and bacteria as your toilet brush holder!

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